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Ricardo Paes

Ricardo's major artistic influences are Japanese animation, such as Studio Ghibli, (Studio Chizu, Clamp and Makoto Shinkai'S Your Name); Marvel comics from the 1980's through the early 2000's and Art Noveau icon Alphonse Mucha. Even though there are plenty more nowadays, these were fundamental in their impact and inspiration, on different levels beyond their visual signatures, styles and approaches.

In any of his original pieces, whether portraying characters from his original Fantasy Tales series ( Triadin Tales), the Tricolor series and its depiction of handsome men expressing diverse levels of emotional engagement or even commitment, the Composite Sketches or Portrait series, Ricardo has always been enamored with movement and flow, emotion and its resonance.
Though the core of his work may vary, these elements are a constant through which Ricardo navigates his work, creative and production process and the means by which he endeavors to connect with his audience, the beauty of humanity in its transience and often vulnerability.

Ricardo Hiroshima.jpg
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